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This competition is aimed at children aged 9-13, you will need a parent/guardian to help you complete this survey

Calling all school children in Norwich aged 9-13!

We are offering the chance to experience an epic day working at one of three of the most exciting companies in Norwich.

From working at one of the biggest news broadcasters in Norfolk, assisting journalists and video producers for your favourite Canaries next big match at NCFC, or even creating awesome VR games and apps with the coolest humans at Immersive VR, the choice is yours! 

Best of all you'll be the 'vlogstar' of a Youtube video that will be shared across Norfolk to help inspire other children about what is possible in our fine city.

It’s really easy to enter, just fill out our short survey all about careers and hit enter to vlog your future.

Parental consent

Norfolk County Council via the Norwich Opportunity Area (the NOA) would like to seek the views of children aged between 9 and 13 years in Norwich about their attitudes regarding employment and what they would like to do in the future. This is to help schools and local services provide more information and activities to help children learn about different types of jobs.

We will also be asking what sort of jobs children want to do in the future, how much they know about different roles and how they feel about future jobs in Norwich. This information will be collected anonymously and is not a pre-requisite for entering the competition.

From this information, the NOA will produce a summary of what children in different areas of Norwich know about jobs and their attitudes to different types of careers.  This information will be anonymised and will not identify individual children. 

We are also seeking your agreement to your child being entered into a separate draw to win a day with a local company and to produce a vlog about the experience to be placed on YouTube, the NOA website and social media. If your child is successful in the draw, we will contact you again to seek your specific agreement to the workplace day, the vlog and to it being shared. 

To enter the draw we will be asking for the children to provide:  

  • their name 
  • their age
  • their postcode
  • their school
  • their parent’s contact details (name and email address) 

Norfolk County Council has engaged a company called Candour Agency Limited to collect the personal information from the children for the draw and to produce the anonymised data sets described above for the survey responses. Candour is required, under contract with Norfolk County Council, to keep the information secure, to only use the information for the purpose explained above and to destroy the personal information in a secure manner after the analysis of the information has been completed.

The NOA will also be offering the opportunity to three lucky winners to spend a day shadowing a Norwich company and to produce a vlog to be placed onto YouTube.  The vlog will also be added to the NOA website and shared on social media.