1. Norfolk County Council via the Norwich Opportunity Area (the NOA) would like to encourage children aged between 9 and 13 years in Norwich to have conversations about the future and different sorts of jobs.

2. Children will be encouraged to take part in the competition via online adverts on websites that children frequent from Candour Agency Limited and via promotions through NOA and schools. We will be contacting participants who entered the previous competition via email to let them know about the new competition. 

3. Children will not be directly contacted online about the survey but are likely to view adverts that will take them through to the website if they choose to click on the link.

4. NOA will be offering a prize draw to those participating in the project. There will be 100 winners who will be contacted by Candour Agency Limited to receive a pair of cardboard VR goggles.

5. In order to share their content, children will be informed that they must seek the agreement of their parents, and ask their parents to upload their video clip on their behalf. 

6. The submission form will include mandatory information (i.e. a parent’s name and parent’s contact details) before the form can be submitted.  The form will also see the parents’ agreement to:  their child’s name being entered into the draw as described.

7. The personal data to be obtained will include the name of the child, child’s age, the child’s postcode, the school they attend, their parent’s contact details (name and email address) and a link to their video on YouTube. The data will not include special category health data, but it does involve the collection of children’s personal data.

8. It is estimated that up to 1000 children will complete the survey.  The geographical area will be the Norwich area based on Norwich City Council boundary.

9. The parents of the winners of the prize draw will be contacted via email.

10. The content created and shared online will be approved by parents and uploaded onto a parent’s You Tube channel.  Any content publicly shared on YouTube by parents as part of the project may be shared on social media by NOA and/or Candour and used for promotional purposes.

11. Norfolk County Council has engaged Candour Agency Limited to run this project and competition.  Candour will be the data processors and will be required, under contract with Norfolk County Council, to keep the information secure, to only use the information for the purpose explained above and to destroy the personal information in a secure manner after the competition has been completed.

12. The NOA has no direct relationship with the children or their parents. The parents’ online consent will be obtained to the collection and use of their children’s information.

13. The process for obtaining consent from the parents will require the child to ask their parents to provide consent and for the parents to complete the consent form online. The NOA considers that these arrangements to obtain consent are reasonable taking into consideration available technology, the nature of the information sought and the purpose to which this information will be put.